The Home Ranch Today

A Private Family Ranch In Renewal

The Home Ranch Today

A Private Family Ranch With A Vision For The Future

While the Home Ranch is now operating as a private family ranch and CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC, we understand that the story of this legendary ranch is of interest to former guests and residents of the Elk River Valley. Currently, the family of Scott and Janet McFarlane have reconnected to their Colorado roots with the recent purchase of the historic Home Ranch property.  In 2019, the Seattle residents bought the ranch from the Steve and Ann Stranahan family and are currently in the process of reimagining and renovating the property.  The new owners are undertaking the next chapter of the Home Ranch story with a deep respect for its historic legacy and a hopeful and expansive vision for its future.

About Janet and Scott

Scott and Janet both have deep roots in Colorado. Janet, was born and raised in Denver and began her investment career in the city. Scott has had a storied career that began when his father, founder of Aircoa Hotel Management Company, sent him to work at one of Aircoa’s hotels when he was 15.  He spent one of those summers in Steamboat Springs working as a bellman, a dishwasher, a cook, a waiter, a busboy and front desk clerk. Scott’s father Willis McFarlane was the first chairman of the Colorado Symphony Orchestra, served on the Colorado Tourism Board and operated a 14,000-acre Bison ranch in eastern Colorado.