High-Country Farming

Growing and feeding a community at 7,200 feet

The Alpine Farm

All about the Farm at Home Ranch

The Farm at Home Ranch is a thriving farm and visionary horticultural program with a mission to sustainably feed the North Routt community and its visitors at the rarefied altitude of 7,200 feet. A beautiful complex of stunning gardens, alpine greenhouses, and orchards – under the care of Horticulture Manager, Courtney Lynn – the farm lovingly illustrates how a high-country farm in Colorado can flourish with ingenuity, hard work and the singular vision of its energetic and inspired owners.

If you’d like a taste of the bounty – during the growing and harvest season of late spring through fall – you can purchase fresh produce from the charming Farm Stand located on County Road 129 across the street from the Clark Store. Open from 3 to 7 pm on Wednesdays, the Stand sells seasonal fruits and vegetables and has attracted discriminating customers from Clark and the surrounding areas. For best selection, come early; produce this fresh and delicious at this altitude is a precious and rare commodity. 

If you’d like to purchase a share of the bounty from our CSA, please follow this link to our CSA page. 


Current and future plans ~

What’s happening and what’s to come

The Farm at Home Ranch, under the nurture and care of horticulturist Courtney Lynn and her team of experienced farmhands, is currently dehydrating many herbs now which will be used to create spice blends for the Ranch Kitchen as well as for sale at the Farm Stand. They’re making an Herbes de Provence blend for roasting poultry and a seasoning blend for fish. “It’s such a fun challenge to experiment with the limits of growing in a high-country garden and find new methods of growing delicious, local produce.” Courtney says. “Our North Routt community has been incredibly supportive of our new venture into selling produce at the farm stand, and it is humbling to see the community excitement for eating food that is grown right down the road.”

Plans are now underway to add an even larger greenhouse on the Ranch while still utilizing the current greenhouse. The new growing space will be heated by a climate battery with a pellet stove as back-up. This will facilitate growing annual crops in all four seasons, while adding the capacity to grow tropical and Mediterranean plants –  citrus, figs, avocados, and passionfruit, for example. The new facility will also have expanded facilities for seed germination and produce processing, to allow production activities to continue throughout the winter months. Stay tuned for future farm developments and stories.