Ranch Horse Training

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“Quarter horses are our actual partners in ranching.”

– Courtney McFarlane Kennedy

From pushing herds of cattle over tricky terrain to sorting first-time heifers during calving season, equines are essential to the success of just about any cattle operation, and especially those in the mountains. They’re handier in the rugged terrain than ATVs or side-by- sides and less threatening to cattle compared to big motorized vehicles.

So, when the McFarlane family began to transition Home Ranch to a working ranch, finding the right horses was an obvious priority. Ranch horses need to have diverse skill sets to push herds of cattle, sort first-time heifers during calving season, or simply walk fence lines alone checking for damage. They should be the right balance of sturdy enough to handle long days in the wilds and the elements, yet athletic and agile enough to perform with precision. And, of course, they need to keep a level head while doing it.

To find the right combination of brain and brawn, Home Ranch sources ranch stock from some of the best breeders and trainers in the industry, including Wilson Cattle (Brooke and Rodey Wilson) and Turner Performance Horses. We’ll be featuring favorites on a rotating basis, so keep checking back to meet the team.

 ~ Hard-working and experienced

Meet Our Ranch Horses

Peppys Par T Time

Known as “Zombie” around the barn, this 8-year-old grullo gelding is the epitome of a workhorse. His gentle yet no-nonsense attitude, rock-solid conformation, and athleti- cism—you can rope both ends of a cow on him—are the perfect combination for life on the ranch. He is currently stationed at the Home Ranch’s largest, 60,000-acre, property where he helps with calving and fence fixing.

Greedy Bri Azure

Though just 5 years old, “Bow Tie” is already proving himself to be a great all-around ranch horse. The dapple grey gelding is big and stout with loads of energy. He has al- ready helped out with tasks from sorting to doctoring cattle, and has even tried his hoof at a favorite Steamboat pastime—skijoring.