Corporate Retreats

Original Ideas in an Original Setting

Colorado Corporate Retreats

Original ideas in an original setting

Welcome to The Home Ranch and thank you for considering our home as a unique Colorado mountain venue for once-in-a-lifetime corporate retreats, meetings and team-building exercises.

At The Home Ranch, we believe the best ideas happen outside the board room. We believe creativity, productivity and fresh communication are enhanced by getting far away from the desk. That’s why some of the top corporate leaders in the world come here to unplug, unwind, and reconnect with the natural world and their own genius.

Inspiration comes naturally here

For the most part, credit for fresh inspiration and creative breakthrough goes to Mother Nature and the Rocky Mountains. Our sublime setting on 4,000 acres of natural perfection in the spectacular Elk River Valley provides an original edge to your meetings and exercises that can’t be duplicated in a typical business setting. What we offer is the extraordinary.

Creative Breakthroughs and Fresh Insight

During Home Ranch retreats, we expect to see people breakthrough to more creativity and deeper insight into themselves, but we don’t take credit for the breakthroughs; we simply provide tools, support and space for these great breakthroughs to occur. Sometimes the greatest inspiration for an organization happens when a team member is riding a quarter-horse across a mountain ridge, casting a fly in wild river, or skate-skiing across a snow covered meadow. We understand this, and we’ll do anything your group requires to create the circumstances and situations your group needs to think outside the usual boundaries.